Monday, February 26, 2018

Maplewood Park, Genesee River Gorge in Rochester, NY

 Marnie had off work today, it was bright and sunny and in the thirties. So another not so bad February day to take some photos. We went to Maplewood Park in Rochester which runs along the Genesee River Gorge nest to the Veterans Memorial Bridge. Today I used my Canon 5D Mark IV and the Sigma 70-200mm lens.

Marnie used the Canon 6d Mark ii and tried her hand at some HDR photography:

Is Rochester safe for children?

Marnie here -again. We took a photography trip to Maplewood Park in Rochester, NY today as I thought the bricks would make very nice HDR images. The problem is that while we were there it turned into more of a political statement for me. The location is right next to a Safety & Training center, a playground, and the Veterans memorial bridge. So I have to ask: Why is it one of the most unsafe parks I have ever seen? I'm glad we didn't bring our dog as I wouldn't have wanted him to be exposed to the unsafe conditions. If I don't think it is safe enough for my dog, why would any parent bring their children to this playground? And why hasn't the City of Rochester kept this park clean and safe?

I will say that it is Feb 26th so maybe the parks will be better cared for once summer comes, but this still isn't acceptable to me.

The first thing I noticed was a hand rail on the ground instead of up as a railing:
Now of course this partially drives me crazy because at the location is a plaque that says this is dedicated to our Veterans. It seems awfully disrespectful to our Veterans to leave it in this condition.
Maybe you don't care as much about Veterans and respecting them as much as you care about the safety of children? Well there's a nice playground on site also:

And really, you would think this would make it a safe place:

Now mind you I haven't bothered to capture images of the litter and general dity-ness of the park. It's only the end of Feb so I will give you another month to clean it up. I will even let you slide on the railing being on the ground. What I find 100% unacceptable and unsafe is this:

That is within 100 feet of that playground. If you think that distance is safe, look even closer. You can see the playground through the railings:

Adventures in Macro!

Marnie here :) I was being silly in the backyard with the macro lens yesterday, and wanted to share a few. Taken with the Canon 6d mark ii with a Sigma 105 macro lens.

Saturday, February 24, 2018

Self Portraits

At some point in every photographers path to learning they have to do the dreaded self portrait. I personally hate my picture being taken, but it allows me to switch the lights as well as the lens. I set up the home studio extra quick, threw on a bit of makeup, grabbed the Canon 6d mark ii, and set up two lights. My back light was using a white umbrella as the reflector, and my key light was an LED ring light. I was experimenting warm vs cool lighting as well as the lenses. Ignore the fact that I don't always smile or look in the right direction :) There's a reason I am a photographer and not a model.

Photos were all taken at 1/160s
ISO: auto

Post edit: camera raw only for these using auto settings:

So from there I selected my favorite and went crazy on the retouching :)

I apparently decided that I likes the Macro 105:

Saturday, February 17, 2018

I stole Tim's lens

Before we bought the full frame cameras I had been investigating if the Canon 24-105 kit lens was worth purchasing with the bodies. Everything I read kept saying how the Sigma Art 24-105 was the better lens- or at least it produced sharper images. When Tim was considering purchasing something more wide angle, I suggested he look at it. It worked! He got the lens this week, and this morning was my first chance to play with it. We have roller derby later today so I just played in the dining room with the puppy. These photos were taken with the 6d mark 2 using the Sigma. The only lighting was the sun coming through the sliding glass door, and the overhead. I typically do a bit more editing after RAW, but I wanted to show of the lens, not my editing style. So, here you are with just a bit of raw edits, and fresh off the camera.

Saturday, February 10, 2018

Winter contrast photo for sale

Marnie here again. While looking at the photos that Tim did of Webster Park this past week on my phone they looked like regular old pictures of snow and trees. I mean, how many pictures can you capture of snow and trees? Then I kept looking at one on my computer, and you become more and more engrossed with it the longer you look. I mean: look at this detail when you take the time to zoom in!

So after becoming mesmerized I did a bit of dodge and burn on the photo and put it up on Fine Art America where you get a satisfaction guarantee on all purchases. Once again Tim has shown me how beautiful simple images can be. You see photography of canyons and mountains that are stunning because they are in stunning places, but it takes a lot of talent to take a stunning image in Webster Park in the middle of winter. Click on the link below to see it on FAA, and to purchase prints :)

Art Prints

Thursday, February 8, 2018

Winter Walk in Webster Park

Yesterday there was a snow storm here in Rochester, NY. Nothing major, just about six inches during the day and the another three overnight thanks to the Lake Effect from Lake Ontario. I checked the forecast and it called for a bit of sun in the morning so I went out to Webster Park and walked along Mill Creek. I brought my Canon 5D Mark IV and the 20-35mm lens again. The last time I used this lens I wasn't happy with the results. This time I brought my tripod and it made a difference.